When Oceans Rise
Sam, 19, Canada. I want to change the world by God's grace.
Loving my facebook combination of cover photo and profile photo. I wanted them to connect, because I think that memory from sauble beach is the thing I miss the most. BESIDES MY CREW :((((( we need a reunion … the nights at the cottage were unbelieveable because of the amount of stars, and we had the opportunity with these sky lanterns to make a wish on a star we put up into the sky, even just for a brief moment.  
I got my YAC (Casa Canadiense’s Youth Advisory Comittee) T-Shirt today. It makes me so proud to wear it because this commitment to be in this group means I’m furthering my trip to Nicaragua — taking it to the next level if you will. I designed this shirt also on photoshop, but I couldn’t have done it without Megan’s patience and the awesome guys who printed the shirts (yay for no sweatshops!).